Lodge of Perfection

 Venerable Master Dwight A. Wilson 32°, KSA


Senior Warden Robert W Anderson 32°, KSA
Junior Warden Gene P Bodkin 32°, KCCH
Orator David A York 32°, KSA
Prelate Timothy Kennedy 32°, KSA
Master of Ceremonies Joshua W Schutts 32°, KSA
Expert Kenneth K Eichorn 33°
Assistant Expert Ronald L. Parks 32°, KCCH
Captain of the Host Kevin D. Riley 32°, KSA
Tyler Robert J. Echols 32°, KSA

The first portion of the Scottish Rite system of degrees is called The Lodge of Perfection. This series of degrees includes the 4th° through to the 14th° and are referred to as the ineffable degrees. Ineffable comes from the Latin ineffibilis which means something that should not be spoken.


4th degree 4°- Secret Master Duty, reflection and study are the gateway to opportunity, as such one honors those relationships to God, family, country and Masonry. The apron of the 4th degree is white and black, with a letter “Z” and all-seeing eye. The jewel of this degree is an ivory key with the letter “Z” on the wards. The teachings: secrecy, obedience and fidelity.
5th degree 5°- Perfect Master The degree teaches Masonic honor; that honesty and trustworthiness is the cornerstone of the foundation of such. This virtue should be in all of our undertakings with mankind. The apron of the 5th degree is white and green, with a cubic stone and a Hebrew YOD. The jewel is represented by a compass open on a segment of a circle, to an angle of sixty degrees. The teachings: honesty, sincerity, and good faith.
6th degree 6°- Confidential or Intimate Secretary In this degree one should expand their knowledge of duty, charity and toleration. We are instructed to reshape ourselves and our thinking into charity, self-control, and success i.e. to be a peacemaker. The apron of the 6th degree is white and red, with Hebrew letters YOD HEH in the center and a small triangle containing the Hebrew letters (clockwise from top) BETH, NUN, and SHIN. The gold triangle with the same three letters inscribed is the jewel that represents this degree.
7th degree 7°- Provost & Judge We learn that impartial justice protects person, property, happiness and reputation. We are instructed to judge with patience and impartially. The apron of the 7th degree is white, edged with red, with a key and five rosettes. The jewel is a golden key.
8th degree 8°- Intendant of the Building We should strive for perfection by using the great principles of “God’s inherent love, charity, morality and kindness”. The apron of the 8th degree is white, with red and green, with a balance, a nine-pointed star, and a triangle with the Hebrew letters BETH (for Ben-Khurim), YOU (for Jakinah), and ALEPH (for Achar). The jewel of this Degree is a gold triangle with the same three letters.
9th degree 9°- Elu of the Nine Truth, candor and generosity; the foundation of Scottish Rite Masonry is most reflected in this degree. We should use these truths to shape our lives and conduct. The apron of the 9th degree is white, lined with black, and sprinkled with blood, with an arm holding a dagger and a severed head held by the hair. The jewel of this degree is a dagger, hilt of gold and blade of silver.
10th degree 10°- Elu of the Fifteen This degree teaches us to be tolerant and respect the opinions of others. Freedoms of political and spiritual ideologies should be shared by all. The apron of the 10th degree is white, with a black flap, and with three arch-shaped gates – over each a head on a spike. The jewel of this degree is a dagger as in the 9th degree.
11th degree 11°- Elu of the Twelve This degree teaches sympathy. We should be compassionate to our brother Masons and to all mankind as well. The apron of the 11th degree is white, lined with black, with a flaming heart in the center. The jewel being a dagger suspended from a black cordon inscribed with the words “Vincere aut Mori” the pledge “that you will rather die than betray the cause of the people, or be overcome through your own fear or fault.”
12th degree 12°- Master Architect This degree teaches faith in morality and virtue and in God. “Life is what each man makes of it; the optimist turns a trial into a blessing. The apron of the 12th degree consists of a white outer shell, lined with blue and gold (symbolizing the Craft degrees), with a protractor, plain scale, sector, and compasses. The jewel is a heptagonal medal of gold.
13th degree 13°- Royal Arch of Solomon Liberty, in our mind and our hearts, motivated by duty and honor are the lessons of this degree. The apron worn is purple, bordered with white, and with the “Enochian delta” (hexagram with inscribed Tetragrammation) in the center. The jewel comprises a circular medal of gold.
14th degree 14°- Perfect Elu This degree teaches us to reflect and scrutinize oneself. We should strive to be true to ourselves and our God. The apron being of white silk, bordered in gold, with the Ineffable Delta in the Center is truly emblematical of the degree. The jewel of the 14th Degree is split; one being a quadrant (compass open to ninety degrees) topped by a crown and with a nine-pointed star on the obverse, the other being a five-pointed blazing star (with the Tetragrammaton) on the reverse. The compass is opened on a segment of a circle, inscribed with the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9.