Almoner’s Fund

The Almoner’s fund may be used for any cause he feels is deserved.  The fund may be used to buy clothing for the widow, food for the hungry, shoes for unfortunate children, medical care for the aged or replacement of items lost or destroyed during natural disasters.  The funds are distributed anonymously and the Almoner is the final authority.  If you know of an individual who you feel deserves the Almoner’s assistance, please contact the Valley Secretary and give him the necessary information.  As an officer of the Scottish Rite, it is your duty to make sure you keep a watchful eye out for members and their families who are in distress.  The Almoners Fund is just one way we can help.

NOTE:  The use of Almoner funds is not restricted to Masonic purposes only.  The funds may be used for families or organizations in the community who are in need of help.  At each meeting of Scottish Rite Bodies, the box of fraternal assistance is presented with the customary charge: “That each of us ought to contribute for the relief of the poor, at least so much as he is in the habit of expending unnecessarily every day.”


Almoner’s Boot Black Parlor



At the end of 2010, in the hopes of raising additional money for the Almoner’s Fund, Ill. Eugene Rosenbaum showed up one day at the Valley of Pensacola with a small wooden shoe shine station. He was able to gather a little bit of interest, especially from a specific brother in particular.

Thomas J. SmithBro. Thomas J. Smith, who was recently made a 32nd degree Mason, decided to bring his own shoe shining equipment to aid the almoner is his efforts. Brother Smith fashioned himself with an apron, hat, and all of the tools of a professional, artistic shoe shiner!! He even went as far as to hand build a chair platform, fitted with hidden drawers and rolling wheels for easy transport.

As you can plainly see in the photo above, even the Sovereign Grand Commander, Ill. Ronald Seale, is overcome with much enjoyment as he gets his shoes shined in the Valley of Pensacola’s very own “Almoner’s Boot Black Parlor,” which has to date already raised over $2,000.