Our Valley’s Philanthropy

Scottish Rite Foundation

The Supreme Council, 33°, created the Scottish Rite Foundation, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Inc. to support philanthropic endeavors, including the RiteCare® Childhood Language Program, scholarships to individuals for college or vocational school, and national disaster relief.

The Foundation provides start-up funding for new RiteCare® Childhood Language Program facilities and lends support to operations of existing facilities. The Scottish Rite Foundation offers several scholarships for higher education for students seeking a college degree or vocational license. Our scholarship programs encourage the pursuit of higher learning in all categories, including the study of speech pathology and education.

The Foundation is also dedicated to helping victims of natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Through the Foundation, the Supreme Council provides direct relief to disaster victims and works with other Masonic groups to provide additional assistance.

Baptist Health Care Speech Center

The Pensacola Scottish Rite is proud to sponsor Baptist Hospital’s Speech Center clinic and screening services for children with communications disorders and language differences. The diagnosis and treatment of childhood language disorders is the national philanthropy of the Scottish Rite. The reason is simple. Communications disorders effect more children than all other childhood diseases combined. With 200 clinics, reading centers, and programs available nationwide, the Scottish Rite is the largest private sponsor of therapy for communications problems in children in the United States.

Scottish Rite is sponsoring a summer speech and language camp for qualifying children. Kids will be able to strengthen their speech and language skills while playing fun activities with same-aged peers.

For more information, please visit Baptist Hospital’s Speech Center

House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc.

In 1990, The Supreme Council, 33°, created the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc. to maintain, enhance and preserve the House of the Temple as the national headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Inc. and as a library and museum open to the public. Each year, several thousand people visit the House of the Temple to see the magnificent architecture, to attend children’s programs, to see the various exhibits that describe the history and achievements of Freemasons, and to undertake scholarly research about Masons and Freemasonry.

Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida

Like the Scottish Rite Foundation, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A – the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida (SRFL) was created to support the speech and hearing clinics established around the State of Florida. To fund this program, the Valley of Pensacola has five very distinct activities. They are called Pennies from Heaven, Millionaire program, Star program, Barbeque Sandwich Sale, and direct donations.

Pennies from Heaven – This is a program where a member is provided a “mason” jar to put his spare change in. When the jar is full, simply return it to the Valley where the coins will be counted.

Millionaire/Billionaire program – This activity recognizes each member who gives $100 to the foundation. It has been said that giving the $100 makes you feel like a millionaire – so the name stuck. The member is presented with a certificate signed by the SGIG and presented during a stated meeting in front of friends, brothers and family. The Billionaire program recognizes members who contribute $1000 or more. As in the Millionaire program the member is presented a certificate of achievement.

Million Dollar Bill

Star program – Like the Millionaire program, a member who contributes $100 is recognized for his donation with a Millionaire Certificate. However, how he gets there is a little different. In the Pensacola Masonic Center hangs a display board with a 100 dollar bill mock up. On the face are ten empty stars. As the member contributes $10, a star is placed on one of the empty star placeholders. When the member contributes enough for his 10th Star – he will be honored as a Millionaire through the star program. This makes it possible for all members to participate no matter how long it takes to fill out that $100 bill.

Barbeque Sandwich Sale – This is an event which includes the entire family. During Fiesta Days in Pensacola, the Valley has a sale of BBQ sandwiches, chips and a pickle for sale to area residents and businesses. Annually, this sale provides about 1/6 the funds required to sustain the local clinic.

As always, direct donations are welcome. Without the support of the members and the community our program for speech and hearing for the children of Northwest Florida would not be possible.