Master of Kadosh Hon Ronald L Parks 32°,KCCH


Prior Gene P. Bodkin 32°, KCCH
Preceptor Otto E Thiergart 32°, KCCH
Chancellor Ben Q Quinto 32°, KCCH
Minister of State James E Draeving 32°, KCCH
Prelate  Roger D White 33°
Master of Ceremonies Robert D Anderson 32°, KSA
Expert Dwight A. Wilson, 32°, KSA
Assistant Expert David A. York, 32°, KCCH
Captain of the Guard Shawn D. Johnson, 32°, KSA
Tyler Joshua W. Schutts, 32°, KSA

The Consistory Degrees are very different from each other in form and content. The 31° reveals the dynamic relationship that has existed for centuries between human law as a means of achieving justice, and divine justice as an ideal. The 32° reviews the degrees of the Lodge of Perfection, the Chapter of Rose Croix and the Council of Kadosh. In it we learn the very ancient roots of Masonic Truth – in the East.

 “Where Freemasonry flourishes, there will be found the highest type of citizenship and the best standard of living.” –Albert Pike


31st degree 31°- Inspector Inquisitor In this degree the apprentice learns prayerful self-examination. The mistakes today should not be committed tomorrow. Simply, the daily look at one’s self to learn to live with the future. No apron is worn in the Supreme Tribunal, but the traditional apron displayed is of pure white lambskin with a Teutonic Cross of black and silver embroidered upon the flap. The jewel is a silver Teutonic cross. The jewel is suspended from a white collar, with a gold triangle with a “31” inside it.
32nd degree 32°- Master of the Royal Secret The lessons taught in this degree are that genuine brotherhood requires mutual regard, opinion, esteem and charity. We always look for the good in all and make allowances for others’ shortcomings. We trust the Supreme Architect to lead us to friendship, morality and brotherly love. The apron worn in this degree is white, lined in black, with a double-headed eagle and a plan of the Camp of the Princes. The jewel worn is a golden Teutonic Cross. In the center are the letters XXXII, surrounded by a green wreath. The cap of a Master of the Royal Secret is black silk with a black band trimmed in gold. In the center front is a double-headed eagle emblem with a rayed equilateral triangle above in gold. The triangle is red, has 32° in its center, and is trimmed with gold.