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This program contains very little about the ritualistic work of the Scottish Rite itself. Excellent reference manuals are available, such as A Bridge to Light by Dr. Rex R. Hutchens, 33°, Grand Cross Court of Honour (G∴C∴), which you received at the conclusion of the Thirty‐second Degree. This excellent publication is a resource for the Officer Development program and should help you whenever you have a question regarding any of the degrees in Scottish Rite Masonry. Another reference you will need for this program is the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide by Arturo De Hoyas, 33°, Grand Cross Court of Honour (G∴C∴), Grand Historian. Should you desire more information concerning the symbolism and lessons of the Scottish Rite degrees visit this reference. The book is also used in the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman program available from the Supreme Council. The program is an excellent primer into the basics of the Scottish Rite for all members.

The focus of this program is primarily of an “officer development nature.” Although some references to practices may be common throughout the Southern Jurisdiction, it is the intent of this work to give you an insight into the organization of the Scottish Rite in general and the Valley of Pensacola, Orient of Florida in particular.


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